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Fast- Blow Blade Fuse Set for RV

Fast- Blow Blade Fuse Set for RV Item NO.: BF12

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US$ 6.88
50pcs 100pcs 150pcs 220pcs

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  • [CONFIDENT & EASY INSTALLATION]: These 32 Volt fast-acting replacement critical device/ electrical gadgets from short circuit, overload etc. They can be easily identified by their color-coded plastic housings, and the carved amp rating figures on the top
  • [CONVENIENT DETECTION]: The plug-in blade fuses are made from transparent PES with zinc alloy inserts and transparent housings for viewing the fuse link status and quick detection of a blown fuse
  • [GREAT COMPATIBILITY]: These assorted fuses are specifically
  • [EXPLICIT DIAGRAM]: A diagram inside the storage box case corresponds to every compartment with labels so you know what size each fuse is and where to get it in the box
  • [ALL SIZES YOU NEED]: This plug-in replacement set contains a complete assortment of regular blade type fuses in 10 most commonly used ranges for cars and trucks, who can be mounted in fuse blocks, in-line fuse holders, or fuse clips.
Product Name Fast- Blow Blade Fuse Set for RV
Item NO. BF12
Weight 0.1 kg = 0.2205 lb = 3.5274 oz
Category Fuse/Fuse holder > Fuse
Tag fuse , fuse set , blade fuse
Brand Popsail
Creation Time 2020-08-30

Gatekeepers and bodyguards of automotive electronics world!

Faulty wiring, defective loads, short circuit load will cause excessive current flow, resulting in a blown fuse. Without the backup fuses set, the in-car device cannot work. 

Popsail 50pcs/100pcs/150pcs/220pcs fuse assortment kits include standard type fuses of 10 ratings commonly found in most modern cars and trucks, with the see-through cover the blown fuse can be easily detected. Readily identifiable and easily replaced, this fuse can be specified for a variety of low voltage electronic applications. The set comes organized in a PVC storage case.


Rated voltage: 12.0-32.0V
Material: Zn alloy & Plastic.
ROHS compliant.

BF12-50  50pcs standard fuse set BF12-100 100pcs standard fuse set BF12-150 150pcs standard fuse set BF12-220 120pcs mini fuse+100pcs standard fuse set

2A × 5pcs standard fuse

2A × 10pcs standard fuse
2A × 10pcs standard fuse
2A × 12pcs mini fuse
2A × 10pcs standard fuse
3A × 5pcs standard fuse
3A × 10pcs standard fuse
3A × 10pcs standard fuse
3A × 12pcs mini fuse
3A × 10pcs standard fuse
5A × 5pcs standard fuse
5A × 10pcs standard fuse
5A × 20pcs standard fuse
5A × 12pcs mini fuse
5A × 10pcs standard fuse
7.5A × 5pcs standard fuse
7.5A × 10pcs standard fuse
7.5A × 10pcs standard fuse
7.5A × 12pcs mini fuse
7.5A × 10pcs standard fuse
10A × 5pcs standard fuse
10A × 10pcs standard fuse
10A × 20pcs standard fuse
10A × 12pcs mini fuse
10A × 10pcs standard fuse
15A × 5pcs standard fuse
15A × 10pcs standard fuse
15A × 20pcs standard fuse
15A × 12pcs mini fuse
15A × 10pcs standard fuse
20A × 5pcs standard fuse
20A × 10pcs standard fuse
20A × 20pcs standard fuse
20A × 12pcs mini fuse
20A × 10pcs standard fuse
25A × 5pcs standard fuse
25A × 10pcs standard fuse
25A × 10pcs standard fuse
25A × 12pcs mini fuse
25A × 10pcs standard fuse
30A × 5pcs standard fuse
30A × 10pcs standard fuse
30A × 10pcs standard fuse
30A × 12pcs mini fuse
30A × 10pcs standard fuse
35A × 5pcs standard fuse
35A × 10pcs standard fuse
35A × 10pcs standard fuse
35A × 12pcs mini fuse
35A × 10pcs standard fuse

40A × 10pcs standard fuse

Fuse Details:

50pcs standard fuse set:

Marine RV truck car fuse fast blow Assortment Kit

100pcs standard fuse set:

100pcs blade fuse rv fuse set fast blow SUV fuse set Assortment Kit

150pcs standard fuse set:

150pcs Assortment Kit blade fuse replacement set rv truck car boat marine

220pcs: 120pcs mini fuse + 100pcs standard fuse:

mini fuse standard fuse set car truck marine boat rv fast blow Assortment Kit

Replace Fuse Steps:

Step 1: Locate the defective fuse

replace blown fuse step 1

Step 2: Remove the blown fuse by tool(included in set)

replace blown fuse step 2

Step 3: Insert a replacement fuse of the correct amperage

replace blown fuse step 3

Step 4: Turn on the electric system to check if the system works. If the same fuse blows soon after you replaced it or doesn't work at all, it might be time for a trip to the mechanic.

replace blown fuse step 4

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