Tips of Maintaining Vehicle Batteries

Batteries, both start battery and leisure battery, are crucial part of any camper, motorhome, caravan or trailer. And when one of them dies your adventure can suddenly stop. On one wants to replace the batteries as they can be expensive. Battery maintenance is so important for our vehicles.

battery voltage meter

1. Check your battery connection 

Battery terminal connector would get losening without protection or maintenance. Always remember inspect for screws which always makes sense. Ensure all of your connections to battery wiring are well tightened and undamaged. Not only the screws, also inspect the OT terminal and the cable wiring connection is good. Bad wiring will cause cable overheat and device bad working. Replace the wasted OT terminal and or use new Battery Terminal Connector.

battery connector

2. Use the loads regularly

This is the way that take care of the battery from the correct method of maintain the battery. Battery hates to be flatted, which is called "Over-Discharged". If the battery is always be deeply discharged by leaving some DC loads always being turned on. Some DC loads like some LED indicator will also work with only 10.0 volt.  Without the low-voltage protection or a timely main switch OFF, battery will be easily exhuasted and cannot support loads working again when you want to use it again. 

Turn all loads off, cut out the main battery output switch of the leisure battery. If possible, hook up the battery maintainer(12V 2~5A charger onto it). 

3. Clean the grime and corrosion

Dirty batteries can discharge grime across on the battery casing. Corrosion can also be an issue, especially on the battery terminals, causing batteries to undercharge. The best way to clean batteries is using hot water and a stiff bristle brush, though for more stubborn corrosion a baking soda and water solution can also be helpful. A regular battery inspection or service can also be beneficial in maintaining the longevity of your batteries. 

4. Keep battery in good charged
30 minutes of alternator charging looks enough for your leisure battery charging, however it is far away from being well charged. Batteries like a scientific charge with three stages: Bulk charging--Absorption Charge--Float charge. Therefore leisure battery can be charged though, but the leisure battery unlike alternator charging. 

An AC-DC battery charger, Alternator-DC charger or MPPT solar charger are always the good option for battery charging maintenance. 

battery charger

5. Monitor the battery capacity not only the voltage

Use the correct device to monitor the battery real capacity was left. Battery voltage meter will fool you by only indicates the battery voltage. Some old battery will be easily be fully charged, and we will find it is easily be in low after after only 10 minutes light using. 

In our blog "Why your vehicle need battery capacity indicator?" also tells it is important to know the real condition of the battery. Check the battery capacity, not only the battery voltage.

battery capacity indicator meter

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